Does a schoolboy need a theater?

The cause of aggressiveness can be envy and inability to communicate. Well, with envy, everything is clear: a schoolboy may envy another who has a better-off and wealthier family than him. And with communication? After graduation, almost 15 years later, I met a classmate. We talked for a long time and at the end of the conversation she sincerely was surprised that at school she had a different opinion about me. At school, we did not communicate with her at all - the only reason.

How to teach children to communicate? How to help children? Theater is one of the ways. Not to go to the theater, but to enter this world yourself. Maybe not so loud: the theater, but to begin with a concert from small passages from the plays. Living someone else's life on stage, a person will think about his own. And learn to talk with peers.

I was very lucky in my time, it was forty years ago. It was a graduation year. A new singing teacher came to us - Evgenia Ivanovna. As it turned out, she was a retired actress and worked for many years in the Yerevan Russian Drama Theater. Stanislavsky. Evgenia Ivanovna then seemed to us a stately elderly lady with a proud bearing.

At first we had ordinary singing lessons, but one day she said that we can hold a lesson more interesting. She carefully looked at us, as if she had seen for the first time, which greatly embarrassed everyone. Then she said that she wanted to put excerpts from different plays by A. N. Ostrovsky for his 150th anniversary and decides which of us will be able to play this or that role. I was among the lucky ones she chose. How she guessed with our characters is just amazing!

She chose the play: "Profitable place", "Guilty without guilt", "His people - are numbered" and "The marriage of Balzaminov." I was lucky to participate in the first two plays.

So unexpectedly, singing lessons turned into acting classes. A new kind of pastime was very interesting! Half the class rehearsed the roles, but the rest also took part - as spectators and critics. The parallel class also participated, Evgenia Ivanovna united us: in each episode the students of both classes took part. The atmosphere in these classes has become different, more relaxed, friendly. We got to know each other better, but earlier students from the parallel class did not even know everyone by name. And it became more interesting to go to school - there was an incentive: soon the premiere!

Our school has an assembly hall. Of course, there were rehearsals on the stage of the assembly hall. Evgenia Ivanovna brought us beautiful costumes from the theater. I was luckier than the others - teacher Alina Grigorievna brought me her evening dress. It was long, from black guipure with an orange silk lining. At first, our class teacher Ekaterina Efimovna was indignant that this dress was too deep for the girl's neckline. Then she gave her shawl - so my outfit became even more elegant.

On the day of the premiere, our classes turned into dressing rooms - Evgenia Ivanovna brought makeup and made up herself all. Our boys were transformed into respectable men with mustaches and whiskers, and the girls began to look like roles: flirty young ladies or well-groomed ladies. One of the girls played matchmaker at The Balzaminov's Marriage, and we saw how a skillful make-up turned her into a grumpy old woman. Girlfriends helped us to make fashionable hairstyles of the time.

The school stage was almost a meter above the hall, that evening the curtain was fixed on it - everything was real, so the audience felt like in a real theater. It is a pity that then there was no good technology to capture us. Although the photos were, but, alas, not everyone got.

All those who participated in that evening remember with pleasure and warmth not only the evening, but also the process of preparation for it. We then plunged into the magical world of theater.

I am sure that our singing teacher did not have any material benefits, but simply enjoyed the fact that while rehearsing with us, she again felt the atmosphere of creativity that prevails in the theater.

Current children communicate via the Internet. So you can forget how to talk at a meeting, live.

«Than scold the darkness, better light a candle". (Vazgen I - Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians).

Who can take on the task of the director? People who are not indifferent to the fate of children.

It seems that I hear the voices of some parents who are “interceding” for their children: they have no time to play theater, they have tutors in various necessary subjects, a foreign language, chess and so on. Unfortunately, the more educated parents are, the more loaded children are - they live the life that their father or mother "programmed" for them. Parents buy children the latest technology to children learn. “You will learn, you will receive a specialty - then do what you want” - the slogan of many parents.

And you ask the children what they think about it. And when should they live? And when they enjoy life?

Learn, learn, learn ... Somewhere I already heard it. Everyone has the same language: the main thing is career. What about peer communication?

Oh yes, there are still school principals who are waiting for permission / recommendations from higher level officials. Who needs an extra headache without material benefits? But what about the moral side? However, the material tomorrow also depends on which generation will grow up.

Technical innovations - iPhone and iPad, should be a useful addition, but not a substitute for live communication.

However, adults do not know how to communicate with each other. Maybe we should start with children - and the world will be better?

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