Self suggestion. What is it capable of?

At the same time, we are not always trying to overcome them on our own, but rather we are ready to believe that the world around us will help us, prompt and ultimately save. We listen to the advice of relatives and friends, relatives, all sorts of articles and educational television programs, swallow widely advertised medicines and wait ...

This gives a result, suggestion is a powerful tool, but it is not always able to help us, very often it can hurt. What only are stories about how some criminal units with the help of suggestion robbed honest citizens, so much so that they are then unable to understand why they gave everything they had gained by overworking work, to a complete stranger, and how such a thing could happen. There are, of course, absolutely striking stories with a much happier ending - the “Placebo Effect”, for example.

But what if you use such a powerful tool as a suggestion for peaceful purposes, while directing it towards yourself, and even completely independently? Why should we trust others when we can trust ourselves? Then we will be able not only to improve our mood, to achieve our goals, but also to successfully deal with the most terrible illnesses. The main thing is to believe in the power of your own thoughts.

The well-known fact that a person does not use his brain at 100%, the mystery of the possibilities of the mind is still not solved by anyone. One way or another, but we all have some hidden reserves that are capable of "miracles", including the amazing power of self-hypnosis that can even heal. You can find a lot of examples to confirm this fact.

For example, the Italian doctor Fabrizio Benedetti, who treated patients for Parkinson's syndrome, instead of their usual medication containing dopamine, they injected them with a simple solution of table salt. As a result, patients had the same reaction as after this drug. With the help of this experiment, Fabrizio Benedetti proved that with the introduction of a solution of table salt as a result of self-hypnosis in the brain of patients, dopamine was produced, which is not enough for people with Parkinson's syndrome.

Similar results were obtained by other physicians who experimented in the field of anesthetization of the body, as well as the treatment of rheumatism, gastric adhesions and even cancer.

How to believe in black if it is white? If you know something for certain, it is difficult to convince yourself of the opposite. It is easy to believe in something out of ignorance, even if it is a hoax for the sake of achieving a good goal, and instead of a pain pill in the body, there is a piece of chalk. And blind faith in its healing properties will surely make the pain recede. But it is unlikely, knowing that chalk is chalk, you can force yourself to believe that it is a great effective medicine. And without faith and the result will be zero.

Let's do a little experiment. Lie down as comfortable as possible, completely relax, close your eyes. Imagine a cold winter day, a flake of snow, an ice wind blowing and a hole in which a person in a light bathing suit descends. Well, already goosebumps are running (I personally have - yes)? Why? The answer is simple - you presented yourself in his place. Imagination is the path to effective and healing auto-suggestion.

In order to achieve noticeable results in this field, train your imagination, try to periodically imagine that you are cold when the heat is exhausting, and vice versa, that you have no pain when it is not true. And very soon by the power of one thought alone you can accomplish miracles. And most importantly: a positive attitude is important in everything!

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