How to care for products from natural fur?

However, becoming the owner of a fur coat, you should take care that this status wardrobe item does not lose its appearance and lasts as long as possible. How to extend the life of things from natural fur?

There are a number of useful rules regarding the care of fur products:

1. After returning home from the street, immediately you need to shake the fur coat to remove water droplets or dust from it. Be sure to use wide shoulders when you put your coat in the closet.

2. If the fur is wet, in no case should it be dried next to the heating devices.

3. It is undesirable to sweat when wearing a fur coat. This can lead to the fact that the core, soaked with saline moisture, will no longer be elastic and become brittle.

4. In the summer, keep the fur garment in a closed cupboard, in a shrouded form, and avoid wrinkling the fur. Do not forget about the remedy against moths.

5. Do not forget from time to time to air the fur coat. For this fit the balcony. Do not do this in the afternoon so that the furs do not fade in the sun

6. Take care that the furs do not have an unpleasant smell. Do not forget to clean the product, air it on the balcony for a week, keep it in a case with an open bag containing ground coffee beans. You can use sachets with aromatic oils.

7. It is not necessary to apply toilet water or deodorant on the fur.

8. Teach yourself not to hang your bag on your shoulder when wearing a fur garment.

9. In case of damage to the fur coat, do not try to correct the defect in the home with the help of scrap materials, so you can only worsen the condition of the product. It is better to seek help from a specialist.

10. Do not get involved in folk remedies for the care of clothing with natural fur. Too great a risk to harm the product. Use dry cleaning services.

11. Remove minor contamination with a cloth moistened with soapy water. Do not rub against the growth of fur, try not to wet the core, at the end of the procedure, do not forget to wipe the place with dry wipes.

12. Always wear a scarf or a scarf under the coat so that the fur does not come into contact with the skin of the neck and chin. Sweat can ruin the skin, and the stains left by the foundation and powder can hardly be removed even in dry cleaning.

13. To rid the fur product of dust, do not knock it out, better use a vacuum cleaner with the ability to adjust the mode (choose the minimum suction force).

14. Not every fur should be combed. For thick long-haired fur, use a pukhoderka bought at a pet store (there must be humanizers on the tips of the teeth), and short-haired, plucked and shorn fur should be brushed with a natural bristle brush. Avoid sudden movements, do not push hard on the brush. Try to resort to this procedure as rarely as possible. Curly fur combing is undesirable.

15. Do not comb wet fur. The thing will quickly lose sight.

Compliance with these simple tips will help preserve the beauty of your fur coat for a long time. Care for fur things carefully. Good care - the key to "longevity" of expensive items.

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