How to get rid of moths?

When I faced the question of how to get rid of this misfortune and make it not appear again, I began to look for information on the Internet. She found a lot of interesting and practical advice. And so that in case of a recurrence of the situation it was possible to find all the tips in one place, I decided to combine all this usefulness in this article. I would be glad if the tips listed below will help those who are faced with a similar problem.


The main damage to things is done by females, which, as a rule, do not fly, but sit “in the nest”. Males usually fly around the apartment, for which there is no point in hunting, as they do not pose a threat to your belongings.

Today, there are about 35−40 species of moths. The most common - food (grain), wool and carpet.

The main task is to find the habitat of the moth and destroy the caterpillars there, or rather, the eggs. That is, the female lays eggs that have a silvery-white color and an elongated shape. From these larvae caterpillars appear, which later become moths, that is, moths.

Food / grain (light) mole usually starts in various cereals, flour and dried fruits. If you find a mole in such products, then it is recommended to get rid of such food, and all the cabinets where the cereals were stored should be properly washed and ventilated.

In addition, it is desirable to put in jars with cereals on a clove of garlic. Garlic does not tolerate this insect.

You can also put pepper, tobacco or a dry orange peel in the cabinets - the moth doesn't like them either. And then there is the “grandmother's” method: to wash and put an ordinary nail or an aluminum spoon in a jar with grits - this method also allows you to keep products safe and sound.

And it is worth remembering that cereals can not be stored in the "native" packaging from the store and plastic. The best way to keep moths free from moths is with well-closed glass jars with a clove of garlic under the lid.

The best prophylaxis for cereals is to “dry out” the package (both open and closed) in the microwave oven after purchase, for 30 seconds at maximum power. The main thing is that the package does not have metal elements.

Wool / clothes (dark) mole - likes to settle in coats and furs. Especially moths are attracted by dirty and sweaty clothes; it is from dirty spots that it begins to regale. Such a mole can go without food for up to 1 month, and lives for at least two years. Eggs lays all year round. Therefore, when a moth is found in a closet with clothes, it is worth shaking up all the clothes and treating them with an anti-moly agent.

Fresh leaves of geranium can help to protect clothes from moths, as well as ordinary (not household) soap (the best - strawberry) - it is enough to put something of the above on each shelf in the closet.

Also, before spring to remove winter clothes in the closet, it is recommended to put small pieces of soap in the pockets of a fur coat or sheepskin coat. Natural 100% essential oil of lavender helps very well - it is applied to a cotton pad and placed in places where a mole can live.

Buffalo bug Started, respectively, in carpets. If it is a pity to throw out the carpet, then the mole can be removed from there by washing the carpet with laundry soap or taking it out for several hours in the cold. The moth is afraid of sunlight and frost, so in the summer you can take out clothes and pillows in the sun to dry, and in the winter you can hang them on the balcony.

The article lists the main ways to deal with moths. The most important thing is to get rid of the hearth with larvae, deprive the moths of food, and then these individuals will disappear from your home. Good luck!

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