What works in the spring garden can not wait?

But how many worries spring brings to the farmer and summer resident! In the people, this time of the year after the snow melted, it is not in vain that it is called the “spring suffering,” when the day feeds the year. Everything must be in time, everything must be done in time, so that with the arrival of summer, enjoy both the beautiful view of the site, and ripening fruits, and good rest.

Everyone is familiar with the picture, which opens to the summer resident's eyes, who did not come to the site for several winter months. Everywhere dry grass, gray lawn, debris on the tracks, caused by the wind and left after the snow melted. Lonely and deserted look bare trees in the unearthed pristvolnyh circles. The land on the garden beds is dead, compacted, silted. The picture is complemented by a nasty drizzling rain and impassable dirt around. And from all this it is necessary to create paradise ...

But ... "the eyes are terrifying, but the hands are doing." It is important to properly attach these hands. We should not forget that "one cannot grasp the immensity." You have to choose. So what should be done immediately, first of all, and what can wait?

List all the work that has to be done on the site, it is impossible. For each summer resident they have their own. Someone bought a plot a year ago, and another has been tilling it for many years. One is thinking about a new greenhouse, and someone has nothing to pull the film for a greenhouse. Alas, this is the prose of life. These are problems from which you cannot get anywhere. They begin as soon as a piece of land appears, and do not end as long as a person lives. Only a few are modified.

Let's look for the most important, common to all the work of gardening, which every year await us in the spring garden. And they, it turns out, not so much. And if they are properly planned, then there will be no race and turmoil.

1. Garbage collection, cleaning the lawn from last year's grass.

The lawn must breathe. This is not just aesthetics, it is vital. And this should be done as soon as possible, as soon as the earth stops falling underfoot. Pre-pass with a rake, collect the largest concentrations of dead wood. It does not take much time. As the growth of greenery, you still have to repeatedly return to this procedure. And the rest of the garbage on the territory can be cleaned even before the summer, depending on health, mood and time.

2. "Re-opening" of plants sheltered from the autumn after wintering.

To prevent mold on roses, vines, ornamental shrubs, it is necessary as soon as possible to remove the film and other covering materials from them. Untie the conifers, hydrangeas, vigals, so that they gradually take their form. And digging up bushes from the ground can wait until the weather is completely warm.

3. Digging the garden and device beds.

Do not rush to the cultivation of the whole garden at once. This is hard work, and you can overstrain it. It should be the very least. Break through the onions and parsley to quickly cut the first greens. Dig one bed under the early radish, spinach, watercress. That's all the case, you can safely wait for germination. The rest of the crop planted early, we must wait for the heat.

4. Pruning, whitewashing and spraying trees.

I already analyzed whitewashing in one of my articles in the “School of Life” “Why, when and how to whiten trees?”. We assume that the trees are already whitewashed. Pruning the same trees and shrubs can be done all year round, when there is time. Do not rush to do it immediately. There is an opportunity - great! It means that young shoots will grow more correctly and intensively. No time, health or mood - you can do it later. Of these three tasks in the care of fruit crops, the most important and long-lasting is spraying. It begins immediately after the snow melts and continues until flowering begins. And here delay is unacceptable. Diseases and pests will not wait. With the advent of heat, with increasing temperature, they develop more and more actively. If you do not do it now, it means that you will suffer until the end of the season. Therefore, you should not spare neither time nor energy for spraying. In the morning or in the evening, when the wind subsides, we dilute the necessary solutions and go out into the garden. We use for this every visit to the site, every day without rain and wind. And the gratitude of the garden will not take long.

5. Planting bushes, trees, flowers and garden crops.

Taking care of bushes and trees is not a concern at all. It is quite simple, does not require much time and effort. And how nice to plant something new - pear, plum or raspberry bush! This should be done in the spring. Just spring. So plant when the seedlings appear. And no need to rush to immediately lay the whole garden. And next year there will be nothing to do.

As for sowing seeds in the garden, Irina Lukyanchik wrote about this well in her article “How to sow what? Secrets of the gardener. No need to repeat. The article states exactly when to do it.

That's it. When they are laid out, they do not pull the soul, do not force them to tear themselves. This is called "solving problems as they appear." And do not rush to extremes. Then travel to the country will not become a burdensome duty. After all, the word "cottage" is associated here primarily with outdoor recreation. So relax, breathe, admire the awakening of nature. Cases - they are forever. And we are not.

Good luck to you!

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