Give the child to kindergarten or not?

Kindergarten. Considering this perspective, it is possible to bring both positive arguments and negative ones.

I'll start with negative: In a children's team, there is a high probability that a child with a weak immunity will get sick with any ailment. But, for the prevention of diseases, there are many means (to eat garlic, fruits with vitamin C content, to dress warmly, to have personal hygiene products).

Of course, if these are “childhood diseases” that affect the kindergarten group, then there is practically no escape from them. But let it sound cynical, a child (and especially girls) should have the same chickenpox and rubella in childhood. After all, it is known that adults are harder to endure “childhood” diseases. Many more are afraid of the number of children in the group, they say if I can’t cope with one, then where is the teacher with twenty. My answer to you is this: children are a people to whom it is easy to find an approach, and an experienced teacher will be able to organize the educational process so as to involve all the children of the group, and not one will be left abandoned or impaired.

Now positive parties:

Watch the video: Maya's First Day of Kindergarten with Her Kindi Kids! (November 2019).


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