"Black Swan" lives in each of us?

We have this film started on February 10, 2011. The budget of the film is $ 13 million. Cash collections in the United States amounted to $ 102.6 million, in Russia - $ 3 million. The world collection was about $ 200 million. The film won 4 Independent Spirit Awards: the jury chose Black Swan as the best picture of the year , Natalie Portman - the best actress, Aronofsky - the best director, and also noted the skill of the operator of the picture - Matthew Libatica. Natalie Portman won an Oscar for Best Actress in this film.

This film is about a ballerina who goes crazy during the production of "Swan Lake".

Each person has a light and dark side. Both of these sides of the soul manifest differently in our lives. The main character of the film “Black Swan” of Nina (played by Natalie Portman) did not have a dark side. Rather, the ballerina believed that she had no dark side. A timid angel, she danced a white swan. The role for her was something of a physical exercise, practicing every gesture, every movement to perfection, she did not put her soul and temperament into her dance.

This continued until she met her stuntman Lily (Mila Kunis plays in the film). However, the transformation of Nina into a black swan began much earlier. From the moment she got the lead role in the play Swan Lake.

Nina dreamed of playing the main roles in the theater, being the first prima ballerina. It was an ambitious dream of a small purposeful girl, Nina achieved this for many years through hard work and constant training.

But on the first viewing, the French choreographer Tom Leroy (played by Vincent Cassel) rejected her because there were too few feelings in her dance, even though she danced flawlessly. This complex role required the ballerina to transform from a white swan to black and in the end to become a white swan again.

Nina realized that the role will get another ballerina, in fact, she has already lost. And then a black swan “stirred” in it: she goes to Tom and tries to seduce him, although the poor girl doesn’t know at all how this is done.

And, lo and behold! Nina gets the lead role!

True, in this film there is another important character - Nina's mother (played by actress Barbara Hershey). Her mother also once danced in the corps de ballet, but then became pregnant with Nina, as a result of which she had to leave the stage.

Nina's mother put her unfulfilled ambitions into her daughter, she dreamed that her daughter would reach the top of the stage Olympus. Mother took very much care of Nina, the girl could not literally take a step without her mother not knowing about it. But Nina was already an adult woman, she was 28 years old. It was the “black swan” that helped her to free herself from the custody of her mother and begin to live her life.

It should be noted that this is a very sensual film. The psychological images of the main characters are very clearly traced in it, and female sexuality is very subtly conveyed. This is especially evident in the example of the main character, when a certain eroticism gradually wakes up in her.

The ballet production, which Nina must dance on stage, becomes part of her life. Nina is so eager to play this role flawlessly that she is ready to reincarnate as a black swan. She suddenly begins to notice that the world around her is changing in some strange way. Although in reality these changes occur within it, it is its internal rebirth. Nina begins to behave differently, violates all her life principles and breaks the circle of usual events.

Of course, this is not without the help of Lily, who is a kind of tempting demon for Nina. She seduces Nina, it is not for nothing that Lily has a black wing tattoo on her back. But if Lily has just a tattoo, then Nina starts to see a real black swan down beginning to penetrate the skin on her back.

And at this moment a shy girl suddenly realizes: why there was this revolt in front of her mother, why it was crazy fun at the club. Nina understands that she is alone on a pedestal, and around are envious enemies who are just waiting for a chance to step on it. Beth (Winona Ryder), who before her was the theater’s first ballerina and Tom’s “princess”, helps her to understand this, but as a result of an accident, Beth finds herself in a hospital. Nina sees that Beth has become an invalid, the former prima is now helpless and no one needs. Beth in despair. Nina is horrified by what she saw, she feels guilty in the fate of Beth, but now she is ready to fight for her role to the end.

At that moment, she realizes that she truly reincarnates into a “black swan”. For Nina this is such a shock, for she did not know about the existence of this dark essence within herself. Or rather, just did not want to notice her. And denied its existence in all available ways, even pretending to be frigid. Until, finally, this dark entity rebelled and went out, did not capture the main character as a whole.

And when Nina danced the first part of the ballet with grief in half, and the moment came to change clothes for the role of the Black Swan, she was not yet completely confident in her abilities, she was afraid that she would not be able to play this role. She even at some point seems that Lily wants to replace her on stage, she thinks that Lily will dance this role better.

- Not! This is my role! - Nina exclaims, she is ready to fight to the last, not realizing that she will have to fight with herself. And now she is ready for anything, even a crime. All in the name of art! In the name of perfection! And she kills herself to give the chance to give birth to a real Black Swan.

Therefore, when Nina takes the stage in the image of a black swan, the final stage of reincarnation begins. And at the end of this dance, real black swan wings grow behind her back. Yes! She could! She made it! She was gorgeous! This is a triumph! Hall applauds.

Now she can seduce Tom with one kiss.

In the epilogue, Nina must once again return to the image of the white swan. She suddenly realizes that she cannot do this. Because the black swan inside it destroyed the white girl. And in fact at the end she plays her own doom.

When Toma leans over Nina and asks her to bow out to the audience, she whispers in a kind of semi-branded state: “I felt it. Perfection. I was perfect! ”

She played this role. Even at the cost of his own life.

One may argue about schizophrenia of the soul and the dualism of being. The main thing is not to forget that each of us has two sides: dark and light. And if it seems to you that one of them does not exist, then wait a bit: a moment will come when this part of your being will wake up to get revenge.

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