What is love? Ray of sunshine in the gray movement of life

The conductor is a tattooed gypsy, anorexic anorexic woman, with metal bracelets and earrings, on the shoulders of an IRON MAIDEN - a tattoo in the whole body. The combination of non-transferable subcultures. Many saw it, who in the 409th bus moves across Varna. The colorful figure of the controller, selling small greenback pieces of paper with numbers one by one to the left. Everyone must buy from her. There is no other place to buy this necessary piece of paper.

Yes, however, not about that. My glance, wandering over the faces of people on the bus, snatches life's interestingness. It is interesting to observe in public transport the movements of the faces and hands of passengers, as if peering into life and trying to penetrate the depths of relationships.

They say that it is possible to read fate by the hands, by the eyes - to understand what a person wants. And here in this lovely lady, sitting quietly by the window, throwing her lightning glances at the sea and at filling the human bus, you can see the purity and joy, the light of happiness and tenderness. As a child, her gaze slides into space.

Nothing that 50 already, nothing in the tights, trying to catch and not miss the last opportunity. He is well-groomed, pulls his fringe from time to time, looks at the tips of his hair, doesn't it flow. On the hands, outstanding age, and do not save the cream different expensive. The neck betrays even more its vital existence, but not the condition of her soul. The look is clean and sunny, the face is with a smile gentle and affectionate.

But at the beginning, when she got on the bus and sat by the window, she was, like everyone else, part of the gray mass of people with smartphones, frowning their heads and the silence of the cabin. The air conditioner on the bus kept whispering something, but no one noticed it, everyone was busy with their own affairs, contemplating screens or their inner world.

She answered SMS on the phone for several minutes and the change happened instantly. From the dullness of the household it turned into a sunny happiness. The face played with light, wrinkles smoothed out, even the hands became different and the neck. She straightened and lifted her head, a smile inside lit up her face and spilled out on everyone on the bus.

But no one noticed this, everything in smartphones except me. I watched her transformation, it was interesting to change the state. From an ugly old duckling turned into a beautiful swan, a slender and graceful lady with luminous eyes.

Love. All this gets us love. Apparently, those SMS that came to this lady were from a loved one, to whom she is going or will arrive later, in the evening, after her business. That is why the eyes shine, and the soul flies up - from the anticipation of the meeting, from the tenderness of the future minutes.

Everything in our world is love, only sometimes it is difficult to notice it and feel it. But it is there and envelops us, throwing its signs so that we see Love.

Watch the video: You Are My Sunshine Lullaby Version. The Hound + The Fox (November 2019).


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