Lettering. How to learn to draw with words?

Now lettering exists as an independent unit. He does not belong in any way to calligraphy, as calligraphy implies only the beautiful writing of letters. Lettering has a wider and more creative approach to the text. Letters in the lettering do not have to be written, they can be cut out or composed of any objects.

Greater popularity and impetus to the spreading of the lettering, as a direction of self-expression, received thanks to social networks. Notebook lovers and all those who keep creative diaries, have not ignored this flow.

At the moment, there are even special courses that teach lettering. Although this trend is characterized by the freedom of choice of means and manner of creating inscriptions. It is important that you end up with a certain graphic composition that will not be devoid of originality.

How is the process of creating lettering using lettering?

First you need to understand what will be the style of the label. If there are no definite ideas on this, you can always be inspired by the works presented on the Internet. This does not mean that you need to thoroughly copy your favorite phrase in the manner of writing. Just browse through the options to determine your expectations for your own composition.

Next, you need to decide how the letters will be located. You should not start drawing at once, otherwise you may encounter a situation where the letters will be larger or smaller than originally intended.

After that, you can start a preliminary drawing. This is a kind of sketch only, in which it will be possible to make changes and adjustments in the future.

Directly to the drawing process, paint markers, pencils and pens can be used depending on the expected effect and complexity of the composition.

Who would like lettering?

Most recently, anti-stress coloring pages have come into fashion. It would seem, unless adults will become enthusiastic to paint pictures? Nevertheless, for many it has found a lively response.

Someone decided, by his own expression, to “recall childhood” by picking up colored pencils, while someone immediately recognized that this kind of activity has a beneficial effect on the overloaded nervous system, relieving tension and allowing a little relaxation for a pleasant exercise. Lettering may well join anti-stress coloring, satisfying the needs of people in creativity.

It is worth remembering that to create a beautiful and original lettering it is not at all required to have certain knowledge in terms of calligraphy and skills in creating fonts. Lettering allows everyone to show their creative potential and create an unlimited number of spellings of letters, each of which will be unique.

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