And if not to participate in the competition?

I encountered this problem in my own experience and repeatedly heard people say that the results of the competition are predetermined. That the winner is known in advance, to participate in the competition is useless.

Maybe people are right, but a positive or optimistic person is trying to find a plus in everything. For example, professional skill contests. What can be taken out of participation in such a competition. More than once I participated in the competition for the title of the best in the profession, although I understood that there are strong and eminent candidates with whom it is difficult to fight. And if you do not fight, how else to declare yourself and prove yourself?

Professional competition, as a rule, requires the manifestation of accumulated knowledge and experience. Competitions temper character. If, according to the condition of the competition, it is necessary to submit a project or program, then we learn to clearly express our thoughts, structure and correctly convey information to the listener. After the work done, you need to protect your project, and this is the experience of public speaking. Even if you do not take a prize, you will prove yourself as a person striving for something more.

Having lost in the competition, you should not lose heart. Participation in the competition can push you to new ideas and projects. Even if you take the last place, but go through all the stages of selection with dignity, the management can pay attention to you and draw certain conclusions.

You know, a self-confident person will not participate in the competition, fearing a bad evaluation or condemnation. So if you have doubts about yourself, then participation in the competition can help you discover new facets.

I love contests in principle. Only for the fact that you can participate in them, to win something and to prove something. Prove not to someone, but to yourself.

Coming to the supermarket, I will definitely take booklets or study advertising posters. My friends are always surprised that I win something. They ask me why I participate in contests. And I ask them why they do not participate. In response, I hear only that it is impossible to win in them, that everything has already been decided there.

Or maybe everyone thinks so and I have a higher chance of winning? Of course, it’s difficult to make a purchase for a certain amount or buy two products from the same manufacturer and send the check number to a short number. Usually I don’t even think about winning, I just do it. And then I get a notification about winning.

What? I participated? Oh yes!

It is pleasant to receive even small gifts, and even more so when nothing complicated is needed. There are times when it comes to gift certificates or cash prizes, you have to spend more time than usual. It is necessary to carefully study the position of the competition and all the nuances.

Sometimes the winning person refuses the prize because he was asked to send copies of the documents by e-mail. Do not be afraid, carefully review the competition regulations and make sure that there is a clause that requires copies of documents. If you have any doubts, then make a photocopy and write a pen on the edge of the document: “Copy of the document for receiving the prize according to the results of the competition ...”, and put your signature. Scan the document and send an email from your mailbox. Just do not remove it until you get a prize. In the case of a scam, you can prove everything in court.

I tell terrible things, but insurance is always needed. Today there is a wide variety of contests, but photo contests on social networks are gaining immense popularity. Such contests do not require much effort from you, and in case of winning it is enough to provide a photo with a prize.

Participate in contests, win and gain self-confidence!

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