Sights of Kiev: what is worth seeing?

Actually, to visit Kiev is quite simple. But to understand it, to feel it, to love it so that you want to return again - this requires a strong desire. And also the time to wander around this completely European city slowly.

Mandatory and therefore rather inconsistent excursions in the capital of Ukraine should be completely ignored. Instead, do not be lazy and get, for example, to the Contract (Contract) area. You will be pleasantly surprised by the concentration of architectural masterpieces in a relatively small area of ​​development. After all Kontraktova Square - One of the main squares of Kiev. Since the times of Kievan Rus, it has been the main center of commerce for the city. In the XVI-XIX centuries the town hall was located here, and the current name of the square is from the winter agricultural fair, which was arranged here until the beginning of the twentieth century. Of course, not all ancient monuments have reached our time, but you can see the building of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy. Which, by the way, was founded back in 1632. Actually, around the mentioned area at least nine architectural masterpieces and many more beautiful old houses.

If you already know Kreschatik, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra or Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square), go to Postal Square. Here you will want to admire the old buildings of Sagaydachnogo street, take a picture against the background of the chapel located directly in the Dnieper, or see the river station. And if you get tired, then for a very moderate amount you can climb the Kiev funicular in the Vladimirskaya Gorka park on the Kiev cable car.

If you have time, choose to Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue. Architectural high-rise buildings here are located in close proximity to the Dnieper. Obolonskaya Embankment, stretching parallel to the avenue, is a great example of a competent modern building. Residential buildings, embankment and technical premises in this place are successfully woven into the surrounding reality.

Mikhaylovskaya Square You will be remembered as the most European square of Kiev. There are quite a lot of foreigners here, and the interesting building of the Intercontinental Hotel is also located here. For a short rest, it makes sense to sit down on one of the many shops, and then go down Mikhailovsky Street to the famous Khreshchatyk again. Without forgetting to admire the old urban buildings.

The green zone of Kiev is represented by numerous parks and squares. It should be recommended to visit Kreschaty Parkwhich houses a children's puppet theater and the only one of its kind “Museum of Water”. From the observation platforms of Khreshchaty Park there is a breathtaking view of the Dnieper and residential buildings on the left bank. In the same park you can admire a variety of ornamental plants, and then, in the city garden, stumble upon a fountain with more than a century of history.

If you go down from the park and return to Maidan Nezalezhnosti along Grushevskogo Street, then you will be able to appreciate several interesting objects at once. At first - Mariinsky Palace, founded by decree of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna in 1752. Then - a majestic sample of Stalinist architecture - the building of the Council of People's Commissars of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, where the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine currently works. And even further, not far from the beginning of the popular Khreshchatyk - National Art Museum of Ukraine. There will be a desire - take a look here to admire the iconography of the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries, or the work of Ukrainian artists of different years.

Surprisingly, in the capital of neighboring Ukraine you can look at Pechersk fortress, personally founded by Peter I in 1706 (Lavrskaya and Citadelnaya streets). The fortress, thanks to its competent location, was a serious fortification, but by the end of the 18th century it lost its former strategic importance, eventually becoming another interesting architectural monument. Until our time, of all the structures of the fortress, a part of the main shaft with bastions, the Vasilkovsky and Moscow gates, as well as two powder cellars have been preserved.

In general, the conclusion suggests itself: it is worth going to Kiev! After all, it is beautiful in any weather and at any time of the day ...

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