When can a word kill?

And today, when they both recovered their breath and slightly moved away from each other, he raised his head, resting his hand on his palm, leaned over Dasha’s chest and, having kissed a mole near the right nipple, said:

- How I love you and your breasts, and especially this lovely beautiful birthmark, I just bastard from it.

Dasha laughed happily and said:

- Well, what's so special about it is a mole as a mole. But in our shaping club, one Tatarochka is working with us, Galya is a very beautiful woman, so she has moles on each breast, in the hollow between the breasts and just above the navel - can you imagine, I accidentally saw when we washed in the shower after classes . And most importantly, they are arranged symmetrically, the letter "T".

Gleb smiled and kissed his wife's chest again:

“Yes, it's great, but I still like your mole more,” for which he was awarded a strong embrace and an even stronger kiss, and it was worth a lot.

Gleb had one passion since childhood - fishing. At first, Dasha went with him, bravely enduring mosquito bites and mosquitoes, and then, after giving birth to her son, left this occupation, but she absolutely did not interfere with her husband - believing that the peasant should have at least some entertainment, and It was useful for the family.

By the way, Gleb was a very lucky fisherman and never returned home without fish, even in winter. For the company, he had a couple of comrades who, like him, loved to sit with fishing rods at the dawn on a river or a distant lake.

He met Leva and Rinat two years ago in winter fishing, when he pulled a five-kilogram pike out of a hole on the ice of the lake and showed them both how to fish in the winter. Since then, they have met two or three times a month in fishing. We made friends, cooked fish soup according to all the rules of “fishing art”, drank a little, talked “for life”.

Yesterday, one of the vacationers at his firm engaged in warranty repair of machinery, said that a bream went on the river, and Gleb immediately called both his comrades, inviting him to go fishing this Saturday, and immediately received their consent.

They met at half past five in the morning at the bus stop going to Zaton. And warmly saying hello, we went to our favorite river channels, anticipating great pleasure from catching bream.

The fishing was really successful, and by dinner each one had five to six kilograms of bream and crucian carp in a net lowered into the water. Lev, as a professional, immediately took up his ear. He worked as a chef at the Rus restaurant and the only three of them were single in their thirty-six years.

Under the ear, as usual, there was vodka, chilled in the river, with balm or infused with herbs, so that, God forbid, do not forgive. Ear failed. They ate around the fire and lit up, satisfied with today's good day, the sun, beautiful nature and life in general. The conversation, as always, went "about women."

- Lion, and what are you still not getting married? - Gleb watched as Leva deftly handled the dishes and cut the snack on a plastic plate.

- Yes, I tried, more recently, a year ago. Such love was, well, just like in a fairy tale. She also worked in our restaurant as a waitress, although she graduated from the Plekhanov Academy. Beautiful, strict and brisk. I spent so much time and effort to persuade her to marry me - not to count. About the bed before the marriage, there was not even a conversation, no, no! And three days before the wedding, I accidentally found her in the office of the restaurant director - he fucked her standing up and did not even close the door, was not afraid of anything, ferret. It turns out that she had long been his mistress and that he did not allow her to marry me. But she persuaded him and came just to say goodbye to him, and he took advantage of her “helplessness” and fucked him last. It was she who told me everything later when I refused the wedding. Now I don’t trust anyone at all, but to be honest, it’s good for me and one. The women come and go, no worries and obligations to you, and the head does not hurt.

Rinat, their third comrade, firmly drawn out with a cigarette, silently listened to their conversation and at first did not interfere in it.

“Well, don't tell me,” he finally spoke. - Without faith, absolutely impossible. For example, I very much believe my wife, although I myself, not without sin, and often, on occasion, dive “to the hut” with old girlfriends. And you, Gleb? Do not you cheat on your wife and you have no one on the side?

Rinat released smoke from his nose and, smiling, stared at him.

What could he answer Gleb? The fact that he had never thought of having another woman for himself, and he had enough of his Dasha’s life, which satisfied him in all respects? The fact that he had only one woman in his whole life and the other he simply did not know and does not know? Just how to say this publicly? They will laugh. Will laugh and will not believe.

He was silent for a moment, as if he was collecting his thoughts, then replied:

- Well, why, though rarely, but I change, and I have a woman on the side. She is Tatar, name is Galya. Very beautiful with a cool figure and legs, fucking like a sewing machine, and most importantly, she has moles on both breasts near the nipples, and in the hollow between the breasts too. And the most beautiful mole just above the navel, can you imagine?

He remembered what his wife had said about the woman who deals with them, and added:

- And they are located directly in the letter "T", very beautiful.

He poured and did not notice how unexpectedly Rinat grew gloomy and somehow looked at him in surprise.

- Where does she live? - Rinat's voice sounded somehow hoarse and quiet.

- Yes, we have in the city - Gleb suffered further. - I often see her, however, it is not always possible to sleep, there is no place.

Rinat became gloomy, went to the fishing poles and did not go to the fire anymore until the end of fishing.

After fishing, they parted, satisfied with the day, and agreed to call in a couple of weeks.

And exactly one week later Gleb was called by Lyov. He told him in a worried voice that Rinat had crashed, falling from the window of his apartment on the fifth floor.

- Is he completely broken, at least alive? You need to call home and find out about everything - Gleb unpleasantly surprised this case.

- Yes, I called home, and there the funeral, his wife died a week ago, can you imagine?

- Yes, things, and you know where he lies? Let's go and visit him after work.

- I know, my wife's sister told me - he lies in SCLIFE.

Exactly an hour later, they met near the building of the Sklifosovsky Regional Clinical Hospital, where Rinat lay in traumatology, and with great difficulty persuaded the attending physician to let them go to the patient.

Rinat was lying on a special bed with cargoes, next to two more such sufferers, all plastered, with a pale face, but alive. Both his legs were stretched, his right arm was broken, the clavicle and his head were broken, but all the internal organs, surprisingly, did not suffer, and he could even speak.

Gleb and Lev approached the bed, and he leaned over Rinat’s face:

- Hello, Rinat, what happened? That your wife so unexpectedly died, then you suddenly fell and crashed? How did that come about?

Rinat turned pale even more and said softly:

- Nothing suddenly. I killed her!

- Yes, you're crazy! Could you do this, could not! You're just not in yourself and slander yourself! - Gleb said loudly to the whole ward.

- Smog, as you can see. And I killed her for blostvo. I believed her, bitch, believed, so believed! Do you remember, Gleb, did you talk about fishing with your acquaintance Galyu-Tatarochka, who still has moles on the chest and on the stomach with the letter “T”?

“Well, I remember,” Gleb, to be honest, did not at all want to recall his bragging and the fact that he then lied, showed himself to be a “cool man.” - What does this have to do with you?

- The most direct. Ta Galya - this is my wife, and only she has birthmarks on her body since birth. And I, fool, so believed her, so believed! Dust from her blown away, while she twisted with you love.

Gleb's eyes widened in surprise, and Rinat continued quietly so that Lev, who stood a few steps away from them and looked out of the window, did not hear:

- In general, I got drunk and began to cry out about you, what yes how, and she is silent. No, Gleb, I do not blame you, "the bitch does not want, the dog will not jump," she decided everything. Well, I angrily took it and hit her, and she fell. And I slammed the door and went to my friends and “thumped” with them for two days, then I came home - there are already cops. Galya died hitting her head on a cast-iron battery when she fell after my impact. As I understood, I created it by drunk, took it and jumped out the window! I thought that I would kill myself to death, that's all. So no, not destiny, he survived. Now I’ll recover, they will judge - such are the cases. Now you and I are not going to go fishing right away, ”and he smiled a forced smile.

Gleb looked into his face, and inside him something cold, slippery and nasty accumulated. He realized that the reason for the tragedy of this family was his vanity and desire to show off, so as not to "lose face", in general, ordinary human meanness and stupidity. And with this he now live all his life ...

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