What to cook from black elderberry?

Since ancient times, people use the fruits of black elderberry for medicinal purposes, they are made from kissels, compotes, jam, jam, wine. Dried and added to compote from dried fruits. Small seeds crunch pleasantly on the teeth, bringing to the traditional taste of winter compote peculiar notes of summer.

In the post-war years, schoolchildren used elderberry juice instead of ink. Nowadays, food dyes are obtained from fruits for the confectionery industry. In many countries wines, liqueurs, seasonings, tea substitutes are produced from elderberry berries.

Wine lovers consider wines with the addition of black elderberry among the best. Only one color is worth - rich, purple-burgundy, like dark velvet, fraught with sophistication and mystery.

Black elderberry is a completely unpretentious plant: it grows on any soil, drought is not terrible - the berries will be as juicy and beautiful as in good years.

It is easily propagated by seeds, seedlings in 5-6 years will turn into a smart fruiting shrub or tree. You can also propagate by layering and cuttings.

Elderberry well gives in to formation, it is quickly restored after damage - for example, after a fire.

Buzin people appreciated for a long time, they believed that when planted near the dwelling, it would protect its inhabitants from evil spirits. But in the Middle Ages in some countries of Europe, elder began to be called the witch bush and believed that evil beings lived on its branches.

Breeders have paid attention to this useful plant: many varieties have been developed with different ripening terms, with larger berries than in nature. The American variety has light fruits that, when dried, resemble raisins in taste.

Attention! Having decided to make sweets or drinks from black elderberry berries, do not forget that the unripe fruits are poisonous.

As experts write, the pulp and the shell of ripe fruits are not poisonous at all, but there are toxic substances in the seeds. During heat treatment, the toxicity of the seeds disappears.

But if you want to be safe, use only juice, which is easy to get with the help of a rolling pin and cheesecloth.

The healing properties of black elderberry berries are due to the presence of biologically active substances in them, as well as vitamins, sugars, calcium, iron, copper, selenium, zinc and other useful substances.

A decoction of the fruit is used for stomach ulcers, hepatitis, gynecological diseases.

Among herbalists popular drink long-livers, made from dried fruit.

For its preparation, a tablespoon of dried berries is drawn in one liter of boiled water. Before use, add two tablespoons of honey and heat to 40−50 degrees.

The effect of rejuvenation is associated with the ability of black elderberry fruits to remove toxins, radionuclides and heavy metal salts from the body.

Some herbalists believe that the juice of the fruit can cure cancer. Of course, if this were so, then such a terrible disease would cease to be so. Perhaps the juice slows down the growth of tumors and softens the course of the disease, but you should not hope for it as a panacea.

Juice is prepared in this way: a layer of berries (two centimeters) is poured into a three-liter jar, the same layer of sugar is alternated to the top. Next, close the lid and insist in a cool place for 20−30 days.

The resulting juice is filtered and taken in a tablespoon after eating for one and a half months. Herbalists recommend three courses of treatment with a break of one month. Juice stored in the refrigerator.

Adherents of treatment and recovery of the body with folk remedies are advised to periodically take such medicine in order to cleanse the body and increase immunity. To such use of black elderberry more confidence. In the conditions of our environmental pollution it is possible to take elderberry medicine for prevention.

There are many recipes for making elderberry wine online. I cite the simplest one, which can be done even by those who have never come across home-made winemaking.

Indeed, it turns out an unusual taste wine. Since it is therapeutic, then it should be drunk in small doses, not more than 50 grams. And of course, wine prepared in a professional way will be much more interesting.

  • So, we take about 1.5 kg of berries, pour 5 liters of boiling water, cook for two hours, filter, add 1 kg of sugar, steamed on low heat for about an hour.
  • Cool, add a good handful of raisins, cover with a napkin and leave to ferment. After the end of the fermentation process, remove the foam, filter. To use the wine will be ready in a month.

From berries can be cooked tasty and healthy jam.

  • To do this, pour the washed berries with sugar at the rate of 1 kg of berries 700−800 g of sugar.
  • When the berries start making juice, cook in the usual way until cooked.
  • At the end of cooking, it is advisable to add lemon juice to taste.

Elderberry jam is good for colds, it improves the digestive tract.

Unusual candied candies can be made from elderberry.

For 1 kg of berries should take 1 kg of sugar, three glasses of water and 5 g of citric acid or lemon juice.

Cook sugar syrup, pour berries into it, leave for 2–3 hours, set on fire and boil for 2−3 minutes. Again, insist and boil, doing so 3-4 times. Citric acid is added before the end of the last cooking. You can add a couple more cloves.

Next, the berries are thrown back on a sieve, put on a baking sheet and dried. Rolls in sugar. Delicacy is ready. Store it in a tightly closed glass jar.

Elderberry berries can be stored in the freezer. In winter, break off a piece, throw in boiling water, boil for ten minutes, strain, add honey, cinnamon - and the healing drink for the whole family is ready. It is especially good to drink such decoctions in the period of epidemics of influenza, in the winter-spring period for the prevention of colds.

Such teas are useful for older people - elder cleans the vascular system, helps to improve brain function.

In conclusion - about contraindications: do not eat dishes from elderberry fruit for pregnant and lactating women; suffering from ulcerative colitis, chronic diseases of the digestive tract, diabetes insipidus. If there are other diseases, better first consult a physician.

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