What are we talking about our ex after breaking up?


If you are abandoned, he is a fool, a scoundrel and a womanizer.
If you left, he is stupid, greedy and hopeless.
Every time these words of a woman, remembering the former, repeat to themselves like a mantra. Do not hesitate to repeat them out loud with their friends.

If you find out after parting that your ex is a goat, there are two possible reasons for this discovery.

First: you have long met the goat. Because the animals in one moment do not become. Just like a man from a monkey is not in one second turned. And you, all so attentive and loving, probably saw these changes, but for some reason you did not prevent the transformation. So they themselves wanted to. As the saying goes, I don’t blame the mirror. Your merit, and maybe even the fault of turning a person into a goat, is obvious.

The second: the man was a goat before your meeting with him. But why did you love him in this case? Since you are attracted to his goat qualities, it means that you and your man are of the same berry field.


If you throw - she is hysterical, spender and jealous fool.
If they leave you, she’s a stupid chicken, dyed blonde and a bitch.

Men in fact, after breaking up, behave in the same way as women. After parting, you can not suffer, not kill yourself about lost or abandoned love and lead a completely comfortable lifestyle. But if you are asked by acquaintances or friends, what is the reason for parting, you will not just say that you are tired, you are tired that your partner is boring, you will embellish everything. You are bored because she is a bore.

And when you are going to a male company, then behind a bottle of brandy you will say a lot of unpleasant words about concrete ex, and about the whole female sex. “All women are bitches” - this is what will be the slogan of the gatherings. As, however, it is not a secret that the slogan of any female party is “All men are goats”. But do not forget: if your girlfriend was originally a bitch, then you wanted to see her next to you. If a girl from a good girl turned into a bitch, it means that you allowed her to turn into one.


Knowledge of biology is enough. Since it so happened that you broke up, part humanly. Say goodbye thanks. Thanks to your former partner, you have not wasted the best years of your life, you have gained experience, whatever that experience may be. You have learned something, learned useful knowledge for yourself and remained with this knowledge after a break in your relationship.

Do not be angry. Surely, after parting, you still have at least something good from a loved one. At least in memory. With your - now former - beloved, you had a lot of pleasant moments together, admit to yourself! Think of them! Remember how happy you were! But all this you have experienced because of that or one that is no longer with you. So, not so your companion was bad.

Wish a man of happiness! If it so happened that you can not communicate and maintain friendly relations, do not say nasty things about the person with whom you were together for a while. It does not do you any honor, you only humiliate yourself. You should not be selfish and remember how ideal you were and how bad your favorite turned out to be.

If you do not think that the article in some way reflects your essence - this is fine. So the world is much kinder than it seems. In any case, be more positive, wish good to others, and you will be happy and respect!

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