How to resign a man that he did not guess about it?

So the first rule. Constantly late, or even not at all come to meet with him. To his question, why, refer to sclerosis. “Sclerosis has tortured. Well, wow! You do not know the effective remedy for it? ”- Answer, smiling sweetly at the same time.

Rule two. When communicating with him, answer at random. Let him know that you are not listening to him and his thoughts are completely uninteresting to you. Constantly jump from topic to topic. For example, he told you: “Sunny, today I celebrated the chief’s birthday at work”. And you answered him: “This is terrible, my tights broke, how can I go for a walk with you now?”

Rule Three. Be sure to get into a conversation when he communicates with his friends, with his clever and not so comments on any occasion. Everywhere be in every barrel stopper.

Fourth rule. Constantly call him by another name. Especially during the proximity. Your man’s rage will have no limits. Surely make a scandal, and the next day will run away.

Fifth Rule. Forget about makeup when meeting with him. Or put on your face a clown coloring. This also does not add to your image in his eyes.

Rule six. Do not forget about your favorite so much curlers. Carry them more often in his presence, as if by chance, forget to take them off before his arrival.

Sixth rule. Wear sloppy clothes and dirty clothes. Or wear a dress that he can't stand. When asked why you put it on, answer: “And Vasya (Sasha) says that it suits me very much.”

Rule number seven. When preparing his favorite dishes, carefully make sure that everyone has a burnt crust from below. However, it does not matter if at the same time the same will be from above. Faster will be relieved. And his opinion of you as a cook will receive a “zero” rating. After all, this is just what you need.

Rule eighth. Mock him publicly. Focus on every mistake he makes and make fun of them.

Rule ninth. Spend his money indiscriminately. Men do not like this oh. For example, he received a salary and gave everything to you. On the same day, spend it in the nearest boutique. “Honey, well, I'm trying for you. I want you to like it, ”with a sweet smile, parry all his questions about the pay in one day.
If you still have access to his salary, provoke him for expensive expenses on yourself, beloved. Rule Ten. If you go for a walk, be sure to casually pour beer on his trousers. After wiping his pants with a handkerchief after that, the remnants of beer were accidentally spilled at the same time and onto the shirt, anyway, he was already wet.

Rule Eleventh. Constantly drop something on his feet, step on them, as if by accident. Gradually, your man "boils."

The twelfth rule. Talk to your man in the face of bad things about his friends and talk to them too. Even if your man himself does not guess to leave you, friends will tell.

Rule thirteenth. Behave with the flowers given to them: “Oh, thank you! This is the fifth bouquet today! True, you stingy. Vasya gave me five roses, and you are only one. Let's go buy four more! ”- and drag him to the tray with flowers.

Rule fourteenth. Constantly call him on a mobile phone and ask stupid questions, like: "Dear, and how much time is my watch now?" Or "Dear, what are you doing now?". And so every five minutes.

Rule Fifteenth. Forget all the time to stroke his shirt. “Oh, I'm sorry, dear, completely out of my head. But you can stroke it yourself in the morning, right? ”

Rule sixteenth. Use his favorite magazine as a toilet for your beloved cat. “The pussy was completely out of the way for the toilet. Here, I took it for a while, but you take the magazine back, I just bought a whole package, ”while pulling the magazine out from under the cat and delivering it to the“ beloved one ”. He will be delighted.

Rule seventeenth. Frequently swear, shout at him, make hysterics. Men simply "adore" such women.

Rule eighteenth. Do not forget sometimes to rummage in his pockets. At the same time to his questions, why are you doing this, nicely answer that you were looking for a ring for yourself there.

Rule nineteenth. Read his private messages on a mobile phone. Ask him about the authors.

Rule twentieth. Invite your girlfriend to your dates more often. Everywhere drag her behind you. You can even try to bring them together. In any case, you will win.

Rule twenty first. In general, do everything so that he himself came to the simple conclusion: “And why do I need such a“ treasure ”?

Finally, the goal is achieved. “You are my guessing,” you think, and you happily slam the door behind him.

Good luck in braving the next failed husband and searching for a new, suitable one.

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