How to choose "good" junk food?

Of course, the term “useless food” is a relative concept. What I consider to be "useless" or "empty" food may be something completely different than what you consider to be useless food. Defining the usefulness or uselessness of a product, I use the following criterion: I look at the label. Simply put, if you have the impression that in order to identify more than five ingredients from the composition indicated on the label, you need to be a chemist, then before you, most likely, it is useless food.

We can not ignore the finished food, after all, we live in the real world. Honestly, I even like some of the finished products. They are very comfortable and often really tasty.

The basic recipe is simple - try to stick to as much as possible natural food. Many products sold in packaging are subjected to strong cooking at the factory, so be careful and read the inscriptions on the packaging to see what they contain, and only then decide whether you should eat them or not. For example, do they have fiber or soy?

People often use junk food because they like a certain smell or taste, which, in their opinion, cannot be found in any other products. However, try instead of the usual useless meal something more useful.

If you adore sweet and creamy, try yogurt or popsicles.

If you like toffee, try dried fruits - these are “natural sweets”.

If you like crispy foods, try small carrots.

If you like crunchy and salty, try dry pretzels, dried vegetables, or lightly salted roasted pumpkin seeds.

If you adore hamburgers or hot dogs, try their vegetarian counterparts made from soybeans. Many do not feel much difference between them.

Whenever possible, try to find a useful alternative to the useless food you love. If you are missing crispy fried potatoes, try thinly sliced ​​pears or apples.

Any food fits into your rational nutrition plan, so if you can't live without any product, you just need to be smart. If this type of food from your point of view can not be attributed to healthy, do not abuse it, and then you will feel better.

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