How to cook pilaf without too much trouble?

To make pilaf in my recipe, you will need: a boiler (cauldron) of a round shape with a lid, with a very small flat part at the bottom, of aluminum alloy (easier to clean); Lamb pulp is a steam of lamb, and in its absence - any pork pulp (even frozen), chicken or turkey fillet, but not beef; round rice of any origin, well cleaned, so as not to have to touch; carrot; onion; refined sunflower oil (odorless); chicken bouillon cubes; ground red pepper (paprika). Spices for pilaf, sold in bags, do not apply, as they give an unusual (often unpleasant) taste.

The main thing in my recipe - the ratio of rice and water: for one measure of rice - two measures of water. Change the ratio - the pilaf will be either too dry or wet (softener).

Carrots and onions, peeled and diced, should take no more than 2/3 cauldron. Meat by weight should be as much as vegetables, but less possible.
If the meat is small, it should be cut into small pieces, and it seems a lot. The number of rice - the number of eaters: half a cup per person. Water, as was said, twice as much. Vegetables and meat should be cut in advance, rice pour cold water.

Put in the pot finely chopped meat, pour it with oil to cover, and put on high heat. Constantly stirring, lightly extinguish, cover the vegetables and mix. Simmer, stirring until the onion becomes a glassy look. Pour the pre-cooked boiling water to measure. Throw 1-2 bouillon cubes and pour a little pepper. Stew until foam disappears. Put rice on top of boiling mass (“zervak”), pre-drain water from it, and distribute it evenly over the surface.
When it's all gurgling again (a few seconds), reduce the fire to the smallest and cook under the lid for exactly 45 minutes on the timer, no more, no less (well, a little more scary).

That's all. Ready pilau to stir and spread on plates. To him you can apply salad, kefir or tomato juice. And eat on health! Most of the time takes a painful wait, because the smell is awesome!

Watch the video: Simple Rice Pilaf Recipe - Fragrant Rice (November 2019).


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