How do supermarkets trade? Holiday on the trading floor

Is there a holiday without music? Of course not. Unobtrusive, moderately loud music accompanies the buyer in all corners of many supermarkets, distracting from everyday worries, creating a good mood. And in the intervals between melodies, a pleasant female voice will remind you of the latest receipts of the goods, advertise its indispensable useful properties, and direct you to the necessary corner of the trading hall.

The achievements of the science of psychophysics, which have so effectively slowed down the buyer at the entrance to the store, are no less effectively used to form positive impressions during the entire time that the buyer wanders around the hall.

Color is a powerful weapon in the hands of a professional trade. Green - the designer of the impression of well-being and prosperity, yellow - inclines us to a compromise, red - activates and ... stimulates the appetite.

Take a closer look at the hall. The poster-sale "Sale" - red, it means that we must hurry there! Embarrassing prices for embarrassing buyers are printed on a yellow price tag, calling for a compromise between the desire and the possibilities of a wallet, or on a green one: for a person with wealth, the main quality of a product is secondary.

Vision is the most important channel of information. Through vision, a person receives about 70% of its volume, but the remaining 30% of marketers are not discounted.

The shop floor of a good store should smell good. That is why many supermarkets keep their own bakeries, and not just to offer customers an extensive range of fresh buns and pastries.

The smell of fresh baking attracts and stimulates the appetite. Buyers, like fish to bait, tend to racks with hot cakes, located in the farthest corner from the entrance of the sales area. You do not want, and you will reach, having previously studied almost the entire range of the store and put it in the shopping cart, not previously planned.

The sense of smell is involved in sales not only food. The atmosphere of a shoe store greets the buyer with the pleasant smell of well-dressed leather. At first glance, everything is natural, what else smell shoes?

But modern shoes are not only leather, but also synthetic materials, glue and paint. They smell harsh and not at all “tasty”, drowning out the scent of the skin. Chemistry comes to the rescue. The atmosphere in the trading floor of shoe stores is formed not by a product, but by flavors.

Aromadiffuser is a small subtle unit spraying essential oils. In the sales area, it is indispensable, neutralizes unpleasant odors and saturates the atmosphere with a subtle, sometimes barely perceptible aroma.

Aromatdiffusors are used not only to restore the "natural" smell of the product, but in general in any outlet where it should smell nice and comfortable. Why?

Odorology, the science of smells, claims that they influence our behavior. Pleasant delicate aroma causes an emotional lift, many smells form conditioned reflexes. Under the influence of smell, people recall previously experienced emotions. For example, the smell of the sea can remind you of vacation and rest, turning the routine purchase of a new thing into a pleasant pastime.

Cheerful music, bright colors and pleasant smells. What else does a buyer need for a holiday? Walk the soul! But marketers are not happy. They still have plenty of work.

Where to direct their foot leisurely and good buyer? Not knowing what he is doing, little child ...

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