How to pose for a wedding photo shoot? Universal tips for brides

It is difficult to overestimate how important it is for the bride to look at the photographs as an unsurpassed beauty, the best. Because even for a professional wedding photo shoot the girl should prepare in advance. And one of the most significant aspects of a successful wedding (and not only) photo is the correct posting, the selection of poses and angles.

1. The importance of posing in a photo shoot

The secret of a successful snapshot is only half hidden in the external data of the model and the psychological mood for shooting. An equal part of the success of a photo session is due to the correctness of the selection of a pose for photographing.

The variety of poses in different conditions of photography (outdoors, in the studio) is useful to know not only a professional photographer. Such knowledge doesn’t prevent those girls who, without resorting to the services of specialists, want to look beautiful on all pictures. The range of poses (at different positions of the body) is so diverse that not every model (and not any professional) will orient with the move, choosing the most successful one.

Photo-school specialists, for example, can help to study the best, successful posture options for both master photographers and models.

2. The variety of poses for girls in the photo

Depending on the type of future photograph (portrait, photograph in motion or static, etc.), the positions in which the person being photographed will look most advantageous and beautiful differ. Among other things, there are both universal (suitable for all girls) poses for certain moments of shooting, and specific ones.

The latest variations of posing include those that are aimed at hiding certain shortcomings (for example, completeness). And those that, on the contrary, emphasize the advantages: the most beautiful features of the face (for example, eyes), features of the figure.

The knowledge of a number of principles / rules of successful posing will help determine which poses are best photographed by the bride.

The first (fundamental) principle lies in the very definition of posing:

Posing is the art of taking a certain, correct body position (turning of the body, position of the limbs, head tilt, etc.). A successful posture (or posture) means that in such a position of face dignity, the figures should advantageously emphasize in the best way, and the drawbacks, in turn, should be skillfully hidden.

3. Correct posture - the basis of posing

The body of the girl in the picture in full growth looks better when repeating the outlines of the Latin letter S. Such smooth and rounded transitions of body lines (both in life and in the image) look most attractive because they repeat the natural, most correct position of the spine, conveying feminine beauty . Ugly posture - "hunched", stoop, and "skewed" unnatural shoulders - spoil the photo of any girl.

Each section of the spine (there are three: cervical, thoracic, lumbar) in the pose for shooting are prescribed the rules:

  • The neck and shoulders - ideally - strive in opposite directions: the first one pulls up as much as possible, while the shoulders are laid down evenly and easily (this way, the girl’s neck opens up and becomes more beautiful). This position of the top will add elegance to the bride.
  • Breast (if necessary) should be visually increased. As simple as possible and naturally, this effect is achieved by a deflection of the thoracic spine with a straightened back.
  • The deflection of the waist, in addition to the visual increase, the design of the contours of the chest, gives the design of the contours of the hips. Therefore, in the photo it will give the bride harmony, femininity, sexuality.

The beautiful bend with the maximum tracing of the outlines of the Latin S of the model being photographed looks spectacular. But it is worth remembering that an exaggerated, caricature implementation of these rules (breast protrusion, for example) will not give femininity, but will spoil the picture.

4. Universal successful options

They can be divided into large groups by body position and image orientation. Thus, among portrait shots, the best and universally appropriate postures are:

1. Looking over the shoulder - such a position of the body with turning the head and turning to the camera through the shoulder (with different angles of inclination of the head, raised / lowered chin, different look) is most variable. Plus - it can better hide the flaws and demonstrate the merits of the girl-bride.

2. Involvement of hands in a portrait picture - they should not dominate and block most of the face. At the same time, with beautiful, elegant, natural movements of the palms, fingers, you can cover something or, on the contrary, focus something on it. In a wedding photo shoot, you can add a bouquet to this role.

3. In the sitting position, the model can experiment with the lines of the limbs, knees (do not be afraid to “break” them, this will make the picture more interesting, improve the figure). Also, small flaws of the figure will help to hide in the picture the universally successful position of “one leg under you.”

Having mastered such little tricks and useful tips, even a girl of non-model appearance can look stunning on an ordinary amateur photo. And as the bride in a chic outfit and even more so will be the main decoration in a wedding photo shoot!

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