How to quit smoking forever in just 17 days?

I just want to warn you if you decide that a magic potion from a habit that has bothered you is found - this is not so. Still have to work hard. Cigarette so easy yet did not let anyone. Is that the next world ...

To support morale, let us recall the words of Cicero: “The greatest victory is the victory over oneself.” And it will be a really great victory!

I will not talk here about the dangers of smoking, convincing you to quit smoking - this is the lot of narcologists. If you read these lines, it means that they themselves have already decided to get rid of their deadly habit. It is so? Once and for all?

Fine! Then let's get started.

My method at first glance is unusual and possibly cumbersome. But it was very difficult for me to say goodbye to the addiction sharply - to crumple a pack of cigarettes and throw it into the urn. I tried more than once. As I remember myself these days, nervous fury, so I tremble. Not able to stand a week, I lit up again.

And I decided to stretch the "pleasure." In the end, in just 17 days, I got rid of this foul-smelling habit forever. It's been 11 years! Did I ever panic when I found out that there was only one cigarette left in a pack? I do not believe!

So step one. Their 17, if your day begins at 7 am and ends at 12 at night, provided that you do not smoke at night. Otherwise, you will have a little more steps. But the first steps, as usual, are very difficult.

How do you start your day? With a cigarette? As I understand you, or rather, I would understand when I smoked. I started my day with a cigarette and a cup of freshly brewed coffee. And it was my most delicious cigarette. I'll tell you how I slept once at work. There was only enough time to quickly wash, to clean up and run away on the fly. Having done all this with incredible speed, I rushed to the door and ... returned. She made coffee, lit a cigarette, and under the windows (I was living on the first floor not far from my work), the figures of my colleagues began to swim, and the stern boss walked by. And I sat and smoked ...

So, my method is that every day you cut your habit of one hour. That is, if you usually smoke your first cigarette at 7 am, then it is she who gets the initial blow. From the day you decided to start quitting, the first cigarette lights up at 8 am. And for me, parting with this “seven-morning” cigarette was the most difficult.

But from 8 am you can smoke at least every ten minutes. But the next day your first cigarette will start at 9 am. For example, you decided to start quitting smoking, well, of course, from Monday, the 1st. Well, so be it. Go!

1st and 1st step - 1st cigarette at 8 in the morning.
2nd and 2nd step - 1st cigarette at 9 in the morning.
3rd and 3rd step - 1st cigarette at 10 am.
4th and 4th pitch - 1st cigarette at 11 am.
5th and 5th step - 1st cigarette at noon.
6th and 6th step - 1st cigarette at 13 o'clock.
7th and 7th step - 1st cigarette at 14 o'clock.
The 8th and 8th pitch - 1st cigarette at 15 o'clock.
9th and 9th step - 1st cigarette at 16 o'clock.
10th and 10th step - 1st cigarette at 17 o'clock.
The 11th and 11th step - the 1st cigarette at 18 o'clock.
12th and 12th step - 1st cigarette at 19 o'clock.
13th and 13th step - 1st cigarette at 20 o'clock.
The 14th and 14th step - 1st cigarette at 21 o'clock.
15th and 15th step - 1st cigarette at 22 o'clock.
16th and 16th step - 1st cigarette at 23 o'clock.
The 17th and 17th step is the 1st cigarette and it's the last (!) In 24 hours.

And here it is - freedom! Only 17 days - and you are independent! 17 steps that you walked, overcoming yourself. Overcoming and, at the same time, giving the body a break. Therefore, there was no big riot on his part. These days, I suffered only one hour - the time by which the first cigarette shifted. For example, if yesterday I started smoking at 15 o'clock, today, up to this time, I felt almost comfortable. But as soon as it was past 15 o'clock, I began to think only about a cigarette.

It was necessary to hold out only one hour! Yes, he is painful, but it's only one hour. And so on until the last, 17th step. The last step was as difficult for me as the first. It was not easy to realize, or rather, accept the idea that this is the last cigarette in your life. It is difficult to decide on these steps psychologically. But this needs to be done if you really want and decide once and for all to put an end to your quietly smoking killer. In this fight one winner is you!

The 17-step method has been successfully tested by many smokers. Otherwise, I would not share it with you. In this way, my husband, who, like me, at first tried to do it harshly, was also able to quit smoking. I saw how he was suffering, and offered to try the method of 17 steps - he did it all. Husband does not smoke for almost 6 years! Then we began to share this method with friends and colleagues. And everyone who wanted to cope with their bad habit, but could not do it abruptly, could quit smoking in 17 days according to the above scheme.

I will be very happy if someone thanks to this method will be able to quit smoking! Try it, you will not lose anything, rather you will gain. And this acquisition will be your life! Successes!

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