Immortality or its surrogates?

To date, we have three main psychological imitator of infinite life.


There lived at the beginning of the last century a man by the name of Nette. He was a diplomat and died while on duty. The poet Mayakovsky, who knew him personally, once saw a ship named after the diplomat - "Theodore Net". Shocked by the meeting, he wrote a poem "To Comrade Nette - a steamboat and a man." And he came to this conclusion: we live, "... so that, dying, we could be embodied in steamboats, in lines and in other long affairs."

The imaginative thought of Mayakovsky is not new. Such immortality is very popular. Indeed, people often think of him. The architect finds peace in the fact that a building will remain after him - as a part of his soul. The artist is happy with the thought that his “I” will find continuation in imperishable canvases. The hero will remain in people's memory, in the names of cities and streets. So Przhevalsky immortalized himself in the name of a horse breed. Guillotin - in the instrument of execution. Eiffel - in the tower. General Galfa - in pants. Chapaev - in jokes. And, most importantly, people seem to understand that just the name remains immortal, but, nevertheless, they fight for it as if they themselves will remain immortal. It is amazing how this obvious self-deception, of course, embarrassing a person's pride in life, is automatically transferred to his feelings in the grave. But not even Faberge’s grains in the famous Faberge eggs. And people do not care about their creator, as the creator is already indifferent to the fantastic fate and fabulous prices of the creations of his hands.


It is based on the idea that we remain in our children, they are our future, and in them we continue ourselves. Children really mean a lot to us, if not everything, but how do they relate to our personal immortality? Hand on heart, tell me: do you feel in yourself the lives of your great-grandfathers and ancestors? Hardly. They do not exist in us as individuals. We cannot communicate with them, and they cannot rejoice at our successes and sympathize with our defeats.

Even if they come to us in a dream, and someone will believe that this is not just a dream, then it is only those whom we personally remembered and loved. And the previous ones? And even if all our ancestors are biologically located in us in the form of that unique individual genocode that has developed over thousands of years from the combination of their germ cells, however, can the prospect of such illusory immortality in its own descendants really please us? Is it not the same Faberge eggs, only in the form of eggs and sperm?


In all religions, the ineradicable belief that after life we ​​are waiting for another life, often even better than this, runs through the thought. What can you say? After all, until you die - you will not know. Blessed is he who believes, but still forgive me, Lord, but if you created us, then you yourself and endowed us with such inquisitive and doubting brains that it becomes harder and harder for a civilized person to blindly rely on higher powers.

Life on Earth, generation after generation, proves that everything that surrounds us, everything that humanity has achieved, it has done with its own hands and head — there were no gifts from the sky. And the priest, having crossed himself, lies under the surgeon’s scalpel, and does not rely on miraculous healing. And Jehovah's Witnesses * spread the good news using planes and trains, mobile phones, and laser printers. And even a suicide bomber, not relying on the help of Allah alone in the fight against the infidels, uses explosives created by people.

And when you look a little from the outside at all this religious multicolor bustle and tinsel, at all this gilding, pysanka, haji, circumcision, tails, crosses, burqas, candles, prayers, icons, rugs, posts, for this ridiculous fight of different times with each other - suddenly it’s very clear and even with a smile you realize that humanity is just another child who, by virtue of his young age, is still hard to believe that Santa Claus and Snow Maiden actually does not exist, and that soon everything in life will have to be achieved by himself. And painted Easter eggs do not have a mission higher than to become the subject of merry table fights.


These are the three surrogates of immortality that our young civilization has come up with and who are less and less satisfied with it. Life does not stand still, the world develops, new discoveries appear, the old dogmas are reinterpreted. And now it is becoming noticeable, as gradually because of these three sham dummies, the silhouette of the fourth — the true individual-physical immortality of man, which comes to us as a trivial and inevitable consequence of scientific progress, emerges more clearly. Only a few people, mostly scientists, speak about this so far, but quite likely, this fourth faith, which seems fantastic now, will very quickly take first place very soon in the minds of mankind, having absorbed the essence of each of the previous ones and replacing them with a reliable goal hypothesis worthy of people XXI century.

* Activities of Jehovah's Witnesses banned in Russia

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