Stole numbers from the car: who cares?

Bolts removed and neatly folded on the asphalt next to the machine. And there are no numbers. Here are bastards, scum, etc., etc., those who did it. How much trouble will be now ...

Immediately the question arises: who cares? There are several answer options. Thieves car rooms are mainly divided into 4 categories.

The first category is “Extortionists”. They steal, as a rule, "beautiful" and "thieves" numbers. One or both, it does not matter. The quality of removal - as they could. In the place of the former numbers a note is left with the conditions for the redemption of numbers. In addition to a note, maybe an SMS, a phone call or something else. The amount of the ransom, methods of transferring money and numbers depend on the greed and fantasy of the kidnappers. There is a chance to return the numbers after paying the ransom.

The second category is “Criminals”. Steal, as a rule, both numbers at once. Removed professionally - without a scratch, the car does not even peep. Purpose - to participate in crimes. A stolen number can be nailed to a stolen car and overtaken, make a double car and knock down a person or rob a bank, etc. There is no chance to return the numbers. Yes, and not necessary. Their well-being is more expensive.

The third category is “Offended Neighbors”. They rent rooms because they put the car in their place or blocked the footpath, or from envy, or from hatred ... When removing the number, they can damage the car. One or two numbers is not important for them. The goal - to annoy and teach. Can the room just throw in the urn at a neighboring house. The ability to return numbers depends on the thief’s conscience and its qualities. But, as a rule, do not return. Who wants to shine in such matters, so that later in a dark staircase on the face to get?

The fourth category - "Collectors". They remove, as a rule, one number, but rare, unusual, old. When renting try not to damage the room. The goal is to replenish the collection, sale to collectors. Chance to return - 0%.

However, no matter who steals the numbers and whatever goal they pursue, from this point on, the problem begins with you. Riding without numbers is like teasing a rabid dog. The Code of Administrative Offenses (Article 12.2) establishes liability:

- for driving a vehicle with state registration marks (that is, with one number) installed in violation of the requirements of the state standard - a warning or the imposition of an administrative fine of five hundred rubles;

- for driving a vehicle without state registration marks - the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of five thousand rubles or deprivation of the right to drive vehicles for a period of one to three months.

So you have to get new numbers ...

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