What can tell about a woman the shape of her nails?

Manicure is perceived by each of the fair sex in its own way. For someone, the main thing is practicality, someone wants to always stand out and attract everyone's attention, someone prefers the classics, and someone with delight perceives everything new. Different psycho-types, qualities of character and temperaments are different forms of nails.

The owners square shaped nails mostly pragmatic pragmatists. They are purposeful and self-confident individuals who constantly strive for perfection. Manicure of these girls should be perfect, otherwise it is urgent to redo it. Perfectionists often achieve success in studies and career, ambition allows them to achieve great heights, regardless of the chosen field of activity. They are tactful, serious, ready to help and support loved ones at any moment.

The form that represents rounded square, often choose for themselves girls who can find time for everything. Their life harmoniously combines in themselves work, career, family, and hobby. Without exaggeration, they can be called active people. They are interested in everything new. Often combine a good sense of humor and naivety towards others. Sometimes they can be subject to superstition. They are able to achieve their goals, but their multifaceted nature and all kinds of hobbies often become an obstacle to the implementation of their own plans.

Rounded nail shape most often choose for themselves romantic natures. They are endowed with imagination and tend to idealize people. Cheerfulness and friendliness prevail in their character. Mutual understanding with loved ones and the absence of conflict they value above all.

Girls with oval nails different refinement. They prefer the classics and in their wardrobe there will always be a place for exquisite accessories. They are loyal to someone else's opinion, but if necessary they are ready to defend their own views. Delicacy and tact in them are organically combined with a penchant for romance.

Pointed marigolds can be seen in girls who pay great attention to their appearance. They know a lot about fashion and have a special grace and charm. Realizing their capabilities, if necessary, they are ready to decide on various kinds of experiments. It is worth noting that the maintenance of this form of nails requires the most care and attention.

The trapezoidal nails attract attention as well as their owner. These bright and charismatic girls often have leadership qualities. However, they may be inconsistent in their words and actions. But, coping with unexpected difficulties, they are able to maintain a positive attitude.

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