Moments of theatrical life. How was my meeting with V. Lanov?

The story of life. March 1997 The Vakhtangov Theater brought the play “Dear Liar” to Baku with Vasily Lanov and Yulia Borisova in the lead role. The whole Baku elite gathered in the theater. But it was in the evening, at the performance. And early in the morning my husband, I and another 16 workers - technical staff - lined up in two lines in the corridor of the service entrance of the theater to meet distinguished guests.

Dear cynics. When does a woman strike back?

Morning. I fry bacon and eggs for my sweetheart. I so want to make him happy. Awoke. Now she will come, at first she will be delighted, and then she will gently kiss my cheek and purr that she cannot live without me. The shuffling of slippers, so he unhappily pulls in the air with his nose and says: - Again, your rotten eggs?

Why do you need to think about what is and not think about what is not?

I'll start with an elementary example. Here, for example, you have a computer in front of you (laptop, smartphone, or where you are reading this article from). And before you, for example, there is no elephant. Obviously, if you try to think about a computer that is, you will succeed (it has dimensions, shape, weight, characteristics of the processor, memory, screen, and everything else).

Why keep a personal diary?

That is why you should think about keeping a diary. You can in the old manner to express their thoughts on paper or pay attention to the electronic versions of personal diaries. Nowadays there are a huge number of mobile applications with the function of keeping a personal diary. This method is most convenient, t.