How did nettle help a homeless widow survive?

Here she turned to the forest that was visible not far away. “Maybe the berry was preserved, there is no strength to go, hunger and cold overcame ...”, she thought, with difficulty moving her legs. Along the forest stretched thickets of some herbaceous plants, the height of human growth. A woman, barely stepping into the thick of the windswept, soaked stems in the autumn rains, fell on the cold snow.

How did the cadets commemorate Stolichnaya? A tip

In the “mother of Russian cities” Kiev in Soviet times, soldiers and sergeants of military service on the streets were relatively rare. Not because Kiev was the capital of the pacifists, but because the cadets of military universities came across at every turn. "Conscripts" simply dissolved in their mass. Also, like Moscow and Leningrad, Kiev strenuously “forged” the country's defense capability, sending thousands of unaligned lieutenants annually to a new duty station.

How to remove stains on furniture?

The stain of hot on polished furniture can be removed with a swab with table salt, moistened with vegetable oil. In this case, a mixture of alcohol and vegetable oil in a ratio of 1: 1 is also suitable. Wipe the stain with circular motions until it disappears. Fat stains (fingerprints, for example) from a polished surface can be removed by rubbing them with talcum powder.

Is smart not for years, or Will you live for me, baby?

I am amused by advertising, where children in the form of classics of Russian literature promise in the future to glorify the name of their mother, for example, like ... Pushkin. Does anyone know the name of Pushkin's mother? To those who are not in the subject, I would say that Alexander Sergeevich and his mother had rather cool relations. What can not be said about his relationship with the nanny, the world famous Arina Rodionovna, the memories of which occupy a special place in the work of the poet.

Ticket - for luck?

Near the kiosk “Superloto”, which had already become usual, there was an ordinary girl. The rush of the “rush hour” around was also the usual bustle of the usual Thursday of the most ordinary working week. I do not even know that I was hooked in it. Maybe just a moment that we rarely can fix with a look and which the photographer sometimes catches for us.

How to read in the face, or Entertaining physiognomy

Since the time of the ancient Chinese, it is known that the ears are a mirror of the soul. For example, the beautiful shape of the ears is considered a sign of outstanding spiritual qualities. The same applies to people whose ear length is equal to the length of the eyebrows or nose. Large and firm to the touch ears testify to good health and promise a long life.